Fritzell, Peter

Peter Fritzell is MD, PhD, Associate professor in Orthopedics at Strömstad Academy since 23 November 2012. He is the chairman since January 2017.   

Peter Fritzell graduated from medical school at Gothenburg University in 1976. He was
registered as Doctor in 1976. A few years later he defended his thesis Lumbar fusion vs.nonsurgical treatment in patients with CLBP, in 2002, and was appointed associate professor at Uppsala University in 2006. Peter is working as the manager for the Swedish national spine register (Swespine:, which is owned by the Swedish society of Spinal Surgeons.

Peter is engaged in several research projects dealing mostly with cost-effectiveness in the treatment of spinal stenosis and total disc replacement in patients with CLBP and register studies. He is since 2012 working as a teacher/lecturer/researcher at “Futurum, the Academy for Health andCare” in the County of Jönköping, Sweden, and since February 2018 as a spine surgeon at RKC, Stockholm.
From Jan 2018 he is working 50% as register manager

Peter Frizell has published over 40 original articles, editorials, several reports and treatment guidelines.

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