Kovalenko, Nataliya

Nataliya Kovalenko

Nataliya Kovalenko is Assistant Professor in Science Communication since 22 May 2014

Invald 2014-05-22
assisterande professor i vetenskapskommunikation
Assistant Professor in Science Communication 

I’m astronomer working at Astronomical Observatory of Kyiv National University and a lecturer at Kyiv Planetarium, graduated from Astronomy and space physics department of physics faculty, Kyiv National University, Ukraine. I also completed a master’s program on science communication from Dalarna University, Sweden. My Ph.D. Thesis was about the Solar System minor bodies dynamics. I continue to work on this topic now as a junior scientific researcher at our observatory.

Professional address:
Dr. Nataliya Kovalenko
Observatorna str. 3,
Kyiv 04053 UKRAINE
Astronomical Observatory of Kyiv National Tarasse Schevchenko University
tel. (+38050)3870838,
fax (+38044)2872781
e-mail: kievplanet@ukr.net