Kullenberg, Gunnar

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Gunnar Kullenberg

Invald 2009-11-08
professor i oceanografi 
Professor of Oceanography

Gunnar Kullenberg, short CV, 2018
Education: Erik Gunnar Börje Kullenberg, professor, oceanography, international civil servant, born 1 July 1938 in Göteborg, Sweden; Student (college) 1958; Royal Swedish Navy voluntary reserve officer (ensign) 1961; BSc. U. of Göteborg 1963, Lic. (PhD) 1967 oceanography, and Lic.Sci.(MSc.) U. of Copenhagen, Denmark 1972, Dr. Phil (disputation) same university 1974.

Career, experiences: Research assistant at U. Göteborg 1963-65, assistant professor at U. Copenhagen 1965-68, assoc. Prof. 1968-77; professor U. of Göteborg 1977-78; U. of Copenhagen 1979-90; senior assistant Secretary IOC/UNESCO, France, 1985-88, Executive Secretary IOC/UNESCO
1989-98, 1995-98 with rank of Assistant DG of UNESCO. Executive Director International Ocean Institute, Malta 1998-2002, senior adviser 2003.

Assistant researcher Institute Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCSD, La Jolla part 1968; Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Woods Hole Oceanographic/MIT, June-August 1968; Visiting scientist Canada Centre for Inland Waters 1972; Fulbright scholar, Bigelow Laboratory for Marine Sciences 1982; visiting scholar Ship and Ocean Foundation/Ocean Policy Research Foundation, Tokyo part 2003-2004; visiting lecturer UNITAR Hiroshima, August-September 2007, 2008, 2009; UNITAR Associate expert 2008, 2009; member Steering Committee Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and
Small Islands 2003-present; occasional consultant for UNEP and others, latest for UNOPS/UNDP for PEMSEA and YSLME evaluations 2006-07 and 2010-11. Invited speaker at many occasions, latest South Korea, April 2014; Consultant for IOC-UNESCO 2014-2017 part time. Convener several seminars, symposia, workshops and related editing of reports;

Research in oceanography, including mixing and air-sea interaction, modeling of stratification and mixing, ocean optics, coastal processes and upwelling, interactions physical-chemical processes, marine pollution problems; in ocean management, governance and international cooperation.; many oceanographic expeditions from 1963 to 1985, in the Atlantic, Southern Ocean, Pacific, Arctic, besides Baltic-North Sea, Mediterranean.

Publications and awards: Editor /co-editor some books as Pollutant Transfer and transport in the Sea, 1968 (2 volumes, CRC Press), Ocean Waste Disposal Options 1985; Securing the Oceans 2008; and symposia/workshop reports; publication of about 100 research papers. Chairman UN-GESAMP 197578, member 1972-82; SCOR Working Group on Pollution of the Baltic 1973-84; Chairman ICES –Marine Pollution Advisory Committee 1978-80, ICES Consultative Committee 1983-85.Several national committees in Sweden and Denmark. Elected Member of Danish Academy of Technical Sciences; Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Strömstad
Academy, Sweden.