Back, Mariana

Invald 2009-05-15
Forskningsassistent  vetenskapskommunikation
Research Assistant in Science Communication

Vice ordförande/ Vice President Strömstad akademi

Akademiskt område: Kommunikation

Mariana Back

Mariana Back grew up in Trollhättan, a Swedish mid – seized town about 70 km north of Göteborg. She began getting involved with public engagement from her early teens. At the age of 18 she moved to Dalarna to study. She graduated from teacher training school in 1976. She taught in public school at all grade levels for almost ten years. Her time as a teacher also included responsibilities for introducing “Lgr 80,” at the time a new national school curriculum. This course of study focused on teamwork and science projects.

From 1985 to 1986 she was part of the group that planned and built one of the first Science Centers in Sweden, the Future’s Museum, in Borlänge. Between 1987 and 1992, Back directed that museum’s Kosmorama Space Theatre, then the largest planetarium in Sweden. Her responsibilities included public outreach and planetarium show production, which led to her later interest in working with drama and science as interdisciplinary subjects, as well as the use of multimedia in science communication. She has also had experience in planning and organizing international meetings, such as the 1990 International Planetarium Society Conference, among others. As a result of her work for the 1990 Confefrence, she was made a fellow of the Society in 1990.

Another new educational curriculum was introduced in Sweden in 1994. At the same time a complimentary program emphasizing the role of science centre activities in education, financed by the Swedish government, was implemented. As the Science Project Coordinator and acting Director of Teknorama (1995 to 1999), the National Museum of Science and Technology’s Science Center, she ensured that the contents of this new curriculum were carried out in the Museum’s programs. Back has produced several exhibitions on different science themes, such as the Environment, Science and Tradition, and Exploring Space. Besides her teaching degrees, she received a Master’s degree in Science Communication at the University Dalarna, in April 2009.  Back has a degree in Exhibition Design from the University of Linköping and one degree in Exhibition and Media Design, from the Dramatiska Institutet – University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre – in Stockholm.

She holds full-time duty as a curator at the National Museum of Science and Technology and during 2006 she was instrumental in bringing the CINO4 4D motion theatre to the National Museum of Science and Technology, the first in Sweden. Her involvement included product investigation, evaluation, recommendation for purchase and contracting, installation and, since the theatre opened in January 2007, has been responsible for overseeing the productions that are presented through direct interaction with the show’s producers

From 2012 she had an essential part the project MegaMind. It opened in 2015 and she holds the position as a leader of development. 

The most recent project that Mariana has initiated is the Sensory Lab@Tekniska. It opened in March 2018 and strongly emphasize the concept or STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).  The focus is early age students, preschools and first grade, as well as the teaches for these grades. 

General Chair of the International Bridges Conference, the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm,  July 25-28, 2018