Bergen von, Helena

Helena von Bergen

Helena von Bergen förordnades som forskningsassistent i landskapsarkitektur 6/1-17.  
Helena von Bergen was appointed Research Assistant in Landscape Architecture 6 January 2017.

Invald 2017-01-06
forskningsassistent i landskapsarkitektur
Research Assistant in Landscape Architecture

Helena von Bergen är född 1959 i Sverige och har varit bosatt i England 1987 och Norge mellan 1984 -1986 och 1989-2011.
Tvillingar Hanna och Axel födda 1988 och hon lever tillsammans med musiker Peter Carlsson.

Helena har en solid utbildning från högskola och universitet.
En mastergrad i landskapsarkitektur från Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU) ”En minnepark för döda och levande” med examen 2011. Där tar Helena initiativ till en ny gravplats och i kulturella frågor kring dagens begravningstradition.
I master projektet har ingått att hitta mark, implementera planen i Sarpsborg kommune, samarbeta med Kirkelig Fellesråds och deras behov av gravplatser och ett högteknologiskt krematorium. Utveckla och teckna en gravpark som erbjuder god logistik mellan olika funktioner kring avskeds ceremonier, kremering, gravläggning och gravsättning. Konceptet bygger på möjlighet för kontemplation utan religiösa förtecken, i vacker kulturmiljö med utsikt över Isnesfjorden. En gravpark där livet för de kvarlevande bejakas genom bl.a. sociala mötesplatser och djurhagar.
Med sitt masterprojekt från Kunst og Håndverksøyskolen i Oslo (SHKS) ”Sofakroken” från 2002, ställer hon frågan om var det privata rummet börjar och slutar. Detta gör hon genom att bygga en skulpturinstallation utomhus i gågatan i Fredrikstad i Norge. Installationen består av en varm orange betongsoffa med blå betong kudde och med en fungerande TV. För projektet har Helena tilldelats kulturpris.
Helena har drivit företaget PLASS.AS mellan 2003– 2011. Plass.AS importerade betong gatumöblering från Escofet i Spanien, för offentligt rum i Norge.
Mellan 1997 – 1997 arbetade Helena inom film och teater branschen som maskör och dockmakare.

EDUCATION  2007-2011
Master degree in Landscape architecture 300 p
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås. Norge 1997-2002

Hovedfag in Arts (Equivalent to master degree) 270 p
Oslo Academy of Arts. Norge 1995-1996

Feasibility Studies of Art
Mølla Art School, Moss. Norge

Feasibility Studies of Art 
Drawing and sculpture
Oslo Academy of Arts. Norge 1979-1983

Wigmaker and Makeup artist for theater and film
The Opera of Gothenburg, Stora Teatern. Sverige

Helena von Bergen was born in Sweden 1959 and has been living in England in 1987 and in Norway between 1984 -1986 and 1989-2011. 
     Twins Hanna and Axel were born in 1988 and she is cohabiting with musician Klockarmats Peter Carlsson.

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Throughout my professional life I have always been interested by borders in acting and preforming. Private and public. The difference of moving a perspective in any direction to see how I /people act and react, and to observe and work further on what is given in the situation. I have a strong belief in human as a social species and that people need to be seen as kind and trying. Since my background is in theater, film and arts I see that most everything we do is directed in some sense, whether we know it, want it or not. 
     As a twenty year old, I started working as a trainee as wigmaker and make-up artist at Göteorgs Opera (Opera and dance Theatre). Here, I worked among others with the play of Animalen by Tage Danielsson. Etien Glaser directed Don Juan by Mozart. This was a turbulent performance and gave the film director Susan Osten idea to the script which later became the movie Bröderna Mozart. Three years later, I worked at The Royal Dramatic Theatre ( Kungliga Dramaten) in Stockholm, including Ingmar Bergman as director for King Lear by William Shakespeare. I have worked in intuition theaters and film, for twenty-three years. (1979-2002). Both in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Mainly I worked as a make-up artist and wig maker but also worked with directing, set design, special effects and puppet making for Puppet Theater. Other films have been with Marie Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle Ekman and film Stilleben (1985). I made special effects for the film Nyresteinen (1996) Make up at the film Kristin Lavransdatter by regi of Liv Ullman (1996). Through these years I have experience many different rolls and tasks at theater and film.

     In 2002 after seven years, I completing art studies in Norway with master degree project «Sofakroken». For this project I built a warm concrete sofa with a functioning TV in the middle of the walking street in the city of Fredrikstad. The TV shows children’s drawings and locally made the animation movies. A sculpture installation that questions where the private room starts and ends. For building this project I received I Fredrikstad Kommunes culture stipendium.
     At a separate exhibition with the sculpture, When I grow up … (2006) I built a 12 meter long and 3 meter high marionette puppet in 13 different parts and assemble it into a small room, with a door so small that a person nearly could not go through. The posture of the puppet was acting as if in a relaxed position, while it in fact was preparing to kick the feet out through the wall.
     2006, I received project support (700,000 NOK) to ”Urbadet” I had an Ide of building a unique human experience at a bath, with water and nature. Programmed as a bath of the four elements as art installation as a basic idea. The bath consists of various departments of bathing experience that represents a human person’s different ages and development. Starts at birth and ends with death, in between the rooms and many water pools. The bath is based on the human relationship to water and mathematics. The bath is not yet built.
     2007 I began studying Landscape Architecture for five years at UMB, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences with master project A memorial park for the dead and the living. The main task of the essay is to increase the awareness of the complexity of burials in Norway today, and point out how this complexity affects the design of Norwegian graveyards. One of the actual questions is this: What shall be the contents of a graveyard which 1) takes care of the needs of the living as well as the dead, and 2) has no specific religious overtones? As an answer to the needs linked to rituals concerning funerals, there will be an argument for the construction of a graveyard untied to any specific belief. The graveyard shall be programmed for a respectful farewell, but overpriced for a revival of life’s joys. The motto for this program is ”Transitions and Movements”

     During the studies in 2008, I worked at the project European Capital of Culture Stavanger, I was responsible for the artistic and audience crowd trek out to the Rogaland Theatre’s biggest projects outdoors by the sea. Here I designed the project Zone for korrigert realisme. A zone where the audience could wander through and finally end up at the tip of a cape where a theater play was showed in the evening. Ply by Jon Fosse’s theater play, Disse Auga. The zone idea was to shift the reality and play with the experience of who is an actor and plays theater or not. Spectators and players were mixed together and was escorted through eighteen different installations.
     2011 I moved back to Sweden and began working as a project manager and landscape architect at Ramböll Sweden AB.
     2012 I received project support for a research project regarding to emphasis of  The European Landscape convention, Landscape analysis as a tool for planning and management of small villages in rural areas. This work attempts the village, Bonäs in Mora municipality. Is now ending in December 2014.
     In between large projects and studies I have always been working with different kinks of art and film projects. I have been teaching drawing at the Academy of Theater at Högskolan in Östfold. Through the years I have been in many jury’s and public art competitions.
     2015 I started, and steel are working at Landstinget Dalarna department for Culture and Education. I am employed as Arts administrator and work manly with developing the department for art. I am responsible for art all the construction projects that contains and involves art in the building process.